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How to Train Your Dragon

Squeeze & Growl Toothless

Toothless may be a fearsome Night Fury, but he’s also the most loyal friend a dragon trainer can have. Now you can bring Squeeze & Growl Toothless on all your dragon adventures! Give Toothless a squeeze to hear him growl and purr! His soft plush materials and huggable shape make him the perfect buddy for dragon trainers of all ages. Squeeze your way into an adventure with Squeeze & Growl Toothless!


  • Collect the soft and huggable version of Toothless from the hit Dreamworks movie, How To Train a Dragon!
  • Give Toothless a squeeze and listen to him respond with real sound FX!
  • Toothless is made from soft plush materials and stands 11 inches tall ready for adventure!
  • The Deluxe Plush Toothless is perfect for both boys and girls ages 4+ and comes with batteries.


  • 1 Squeeze & Growl Plush Toothless Dragon

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