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Your Town!

The Chomplingz are on the loose and they're invading neighborhoods all around the world!

Enter your address below to
check out the chaos!

Choose Your Chompling!


He's naturally tough, wears snap on armor and is always playing with his Club Accessory.

Only at:


He's a bit of a gamble, but loves challenging you to a high-score game of catch!

Only at:


He lives for adventure, loves shenanigans and is always up for fun!

Available at:


He's almost too hot to handle, is half camo-saurus and can't get enough of his tasty, chewy Army Boot!

Only at:


When he's not practicing his stealthily ninja skills, he enjoys a good game of ninja star catch!

Only at:


He loves a good roar and is always on the prowl, sniffing out adventure!

Available at:


He's always up for using his camouflage design to hide and surprise his friends!

Available at:

Your Chompling
is hiding.

Time to find him!

Turn up your volume.
Can you hear him?

Look closely...
very closely...

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Check out the map above to see all the chomped locations! How many can you chomp?

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